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Classic Cold Brew

Classic Cold Brew

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It doesn't get much easier than this.  A pre-made filter pouch carefully measured out to make the perfect cold brew concentrate in a Wide Mouth Quart mason jar.  Smooth, sweet, low acid,  and full bodied, cold brew is the exact opposite of hot brew coffee.  Our Cold Brew Coffee is AMAZING!!!  The perfect blend of beans, and always fresh, our Classic Cold Brew pouches take the mess, and fuss out of making cold brew.

Once brewed, Classic Cold Brew has a 14 day shelf life in your refrigerator.  It's as easy as opening the package, putting the pouch in the jar, fill with water, and wait 10-12 hours (overnight).  Remove the filter pouch from the jar, top off with water, and you have a jar full of our Cold Brew coffee.  

The Decaf version really smooth, sweet, and tasty.  Use the Decaf version of our  Cold Brew when you want a cold brew at night while watching a movie, or sitting around the fire.  You don't have to worry about being kept awake.  


The Classic Cold Brew pouches are only available for delivery with a pound or more of bagged coffee.  Shipping available. 

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