Wholesale and Fundraising Coffee Services

Interested in  purchasing wholesale?  We can provide a wide range of services to keep you profits flowing.  We offer custom packaging, including putting your label on the coffee. Want to develop a "House Blend" that your customers will love?  We do that.  Reach out to us and see how we can help you with your business. Limited equipment options may be available.


We would be happy to  help your fundraising event!  When we start working on a fundraiser, first the packaging is worked on, so the bags look the way YOU want them to be.  

Schools, boys and girls groups, and churches usually take orders, then we roast and provide the coffee bagged to you to distribute.  Or, if it's a one day event, we can provide coffee for that day. 

Either way, let us help your group raise money for trips, equipment, or ??

To request a basket donation for a silent auction for charity, please contact us.  NOTE: GIFT BASKET DONATIONS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO BE PICKED UP AT OUR STORE IN SEYMOUR.  WE WILL NOT DELIVER GIFT BASKET DONATIONS.