Who We Are


JSA Coffee Roasters LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company.  We believe that Americans deserve a good cup of coffee at a good price.  This business started because of a love for roasting coffee.  Roasting coffee is as much of an art as it is a science.  And sometimes, if the roast gets away from me, it's a fire drill.  These products represent my version of roasted coffee.

Our roasting facility is located at 406 North Main Street in Seymour, WI.  We also operate a coffee shop there.  Our coffee can be found at Hippie Wayne's Green Tomato at 3402 N Richmond Street in Appleton.  Antique Up in Kimberly also has a selection of our coffee.  The Caramel Crisp Cafe in Oshkosh carries a selection of our flavored coffee.  

The hours are 7 days a week, 7:00-4:00.  You can always find us at the Oshkosh Farm Market on Saturdays.

We can be reached at 920-378-8551 or at www.facebook.com/JSACoffee

Hooah and have an Army Day!!