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JSA Coffee Roasting LLC

Bullets and Beans

Bullets and Beans

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If my 23 years in the Army taught me anything, it's how to appreciate a cup of coffee as the only warm thing after 3 days in the rain.  One day, after about our 4th week in the field (imagine camping, but without comforts like warm food, dry tents, showers, ect..) our First Sergeant called us to formation.  This guy was a Vietnam Veteran.  The epitome of an infantry First Sergeant, he didn't mince words.  He had heard our grumbling about going in to base for showers and hot food.  

 He basically told us that Girl Scouts wouldn't complain as much as we had, and that the only thing the American Soldier needs to win a war is "Bullets and Beans".   

For those of you that want your spoon to stand up in your coffee, this is for you.  Strong.  Black. Coffee.  

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