AirScape® Canister

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Ok, so I bought your fresh roasted coffee, but how do I keep it fresh at home?  An Airscape is the answer.  A one way valve, and two seals on the plunger and lid allows the air to be pushed out, and seals the stainless steel Airscape.  

The seals are durable.  We've been using them to store our coffee in between farm markets for the last two years.  We are not easy on them.  They get dropped, scratched, rained on, and opened and closed ALOT!  Not one seal has gone bad, and our coffee is always fresh!



  • 32 fl. oz: 4¾” Base, 4” High
  • 64 fl. oz:4¾” Base, 7” High (holds 1 lb. of whole bean coffee)