Coffee Bar Service

We are proud to offer a Coffee Bar Service!!  Want to put a finishing touch on a wedding, party, or meeting?  We bring the coffee with just about every creamer and sweetener, bar, and regular cups, or customized cups that have your message printed on the sleeves.  

We have a tasting with you and some of your group, like the wedding party, or parents.  We will talk about your event, what you envision as our roll, and what coffee you would like.  From there, if you like what you tasted, we can put together a quote for you. About 2 days before your special date, the coffee is roasted fresh.  For the children at the event, we offer lemonade in different flavors.  Cold brew tea is also an option.

Indoor or outdoor, we can handle it. We are prepared to bring our own water, and electricity via a quiet run generator.  If needed, our canopies have walls to keep the wind, or rain out.  Call or email us today and see how JSA Coffee can help you.