Minor Changes coming with the New Year

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for choosing our coffee for Christmas gifts.  Rest assured we have a simple return policy in the off chance they don't like the flavors they got.  All that has to be done is call or message us on Facebook, explain what they didn't like, and we will exchange with a different type of coffee.  We really enjoy matching coffee to people.  It makes our day.

You will notice a few minor changes after the New Year.  We are going to transition to more traditional tin-tie bags.  We found that many of the zip-lock bags we were using would become really difficult to open.  We also found that if the coffee bag was left next to a toaster, it was enough heat to seal the bag.  In addition, the tin-tie bags are more earth friendly by not having the plastic zip-lock in them. We will still stamp the roast date on all of our regular coffees.  

As we transition to the tin-tie bags, we are also switching all of the 6 ounce bags to 8 ounce bags.  Many of the baskets we have been making are being made with 8 ounce bags at the 6 ounce price.  We will keep the price the same until we are out of 6 ounce bags.  Then, the price will go to half the price of the pound coffee.  We were asked many times why we had 6 ounce instead of 8 ounce.  

To go with the new bags, we have new labels.  They all have the same information as before, but it will allow us to apply two labels per bag instead of 3 labels.  

We are looking at starting a coffee in a jar program in the New Year as well.  Basically, you would buy a jar of coffee with a one time deposit added.  Then, when you need more coffee, we will have bulk coffee with us at the markets, and in the store to fill your choice of bean into the jar.  I would like feedback from anyone interested in using this program.  

Thank you all so very much for helping us bring fresh coffee to all of our new friends.  We work for you, the customer, and we couldn't have a better boss.

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