How to get JSA Coffee in the winter

Winter is coming.  We can't stop it from getting cold. Personally, I love the cold.  I am one of those people that gets hot way too easy.  Unless I know I am going to be outside for an extended period, I don't wear a winter coat.  I do like the fire from the pellet stoves in the house.  That is very warming just to see it.  Fire, and a nice hot cup of coffee is all I need to beat the winter winds.

While I can't bring fire to your house (I am not an arsonist) I can bring coffee.  From Green Bay to Oshkosh, we will deliver coffee right to your door.  You can place an order at or call at 920-378-8551.  The best part is that delivery is FREE.  No hidden charges.  We are usually traveling around the area several days a week.  We will call before we deliver to make sure either someone is home, or that we can put the coffee in the right spot for deliver.  It's just like the milk man used to do, but we don't have white hats :) .

If you don't live in the immediate area, we ship Priority Mail to anywhere in the country.  Whether it's one pound, or one of our Gift Baskets for a distant family member, the coffee will be fresh, guaranteed.

The other option is to stop by Hippie Wayne's Green Tomato.  3402 North Richmond Street, Appleton.  Our coffee is on the right as soon as you walk in.  You can also pick up special orders there as well.  We will do what it takes to get fresh, affordable coffee to you.  

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I am a huge coffee fan, And this coffee is the bees beans!
I can honestly say I have tried many different blends from JSA such as Logans, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and the newest addition Peppermint Mocha. I continue to be impressed, thank you!
Always looking forward to my next cup :)

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