Getting Ready for Fall

We have been in business now for about 2 1/2 months.  Since starting out with a few types of coffee at our Opening Celebration, we have been asked everywhere we go about flavored coffees.  At first, I wasn't going to offer flavors because, well, I personally don't like them.  But with the amount of people requesting them, I could either stay my path, or give my customers what they want.  As a business, I have to keep customers happy, or coffee will be found elsewhere.  

Last week, I flavored my first pound of coffee.  Attempted is more like it.  I roasted it with care, cooled it down, and added the flavoring.  Did you know that coffee flavoring turns to a putrid smoke when it hits coffee beans that are hot?  It filled the kitchen at the shop so fast, I thought for sure an alarm would sound, bringing Appleton's finest to douse my now ruined coffee with water.  

I roasted some more, cooled it all the way to room temperature, measured it out, and flavored again.  This time, no smoke!!!  I popped a bean into my mouth, and was overtaken with the incredibly strong taste of Banana Nut Bread.  After about 4 days, the taste went away, and I was able to identify water from acid.  I don't recommend putting a flavor concentrate in your mouth.  

We are still experimenting with flavors.  The Banana Nut Bread went over really well at the Oshkosh Farmers Market on Saturday.  I am going to do a few 6 ounce bags of Nutel'lah, and some Pumpkin Spice shortly.  If you have a flavor you would like to see, let me know,and I will do what I can to get it.  I plan on offering Hazelnut and some version of Vanilla on a regular basis.  

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