Welcome to my site, and thanks for checking it out.  We started JSA Coffee because it was a dream of ours to operate our own business.  We believe in giving a good product to good people for a good price.  Our coffee is sourced from the same place as all of the other coffee shops.  They are graded the same too.  


The difference comes in roasting them.  To roast, all you need is a heat source, and something to roast the beans in.  Everything is a variable when it comes to roasting beans.  Type of heat, type of drum, temperature, air movement, humidity, ect.  I can roast a bean from a bag one way, and another roaster will roast another bean from the same bag and get a different flavor.  It's more of an art than a science.  What I hope my customers enjoy is my art.  I am not going to claim to have the best coffee.  Anyone who does is won't be in this business long.  I will claim my coffee is comparable to anyone's in quality and flavor.


I roast in small batches.  I will not do anything over 5 pounds at a time.  I prefer to do 1 to 2 pounds at a time.  In small batches, I can better manage the quality of the roast, the smells, the sounds, the temps.  I will do batches all day, but each batch is done with care to produce the best taste the bean can produce.  


I sample a cup of each roast to make sure it's what I would want if I am buying it.  I inspect the beans before roasting to make sure the ones that go in are quality.  Roasting is done only after an order is received.  Once I roast it, it goes Priority mail to get to you as fast as possible so you have fresh roasted coffee.  If you are happy with the taste, then I am happy.  If you have any questions, comments,  or concerns about the coffee, my phone number is on the back of each bag.  I hope you try my coffee, and wake up to a good cup each day.

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