New Offerings and Availability

Thanks to our customers, we are blessed enough to be able to start carrying coffee from Brazil.  The number one coffee exporting country is Brazil, followed by Vietnam.  From Brazil, we are carrying Serra Negra.  The importer that carries this says there are hints of milk chocolate, mild citrus, and peanut butter.We are going to make this available after a little experimenting on our end to see what roast level works best for this coffee.  

We currently have a small inventory of Organic Costa Rico Flores.  I don't have alot of information on this, other than at a light roast, you can taste the fruit of the cherry, and it seems to work best at a medium roast.  This will be available on request.  

Another coffee we have a small supply of Guatemala Huehuetenango in stock.  My favorite coffee.  Smooth, thick, with strong hints of chocolate.  It creates a little happy dance on your tongue.  This will also be available on request.

We are also working on a new blend.  We are close enough on it that I can talk about it, but not far enough where I can be specific.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the coffee as much as the inspiring story behind the reason for the blend.  

Finally, we are trying to bring a totally new type of coffee to the area.  I don't want to give too much detail in case it falls through, but it will be a microlot bean from a small farm in Southeast Asia.  As far as I know, we will be the first in the area to carry this coffee.

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