Gift Baskets Coming Soon

I know, it isn't even Halloween yet, why is this guy talking about gift baskets?  Well, I have to plan them out so I have what is ordered when it's ordered.  And since I have to plan them out already, why not tell you know, and avoid the build up of suspense?  

We will offer several gift baskets for the holidays.  One will be a light roast basket, with 3 bags of freshly roasted light roasted coffee.  Another will be 3 bags of freshly roasted dark roast, and another will be 3 bags of fresh roasted flavored coffee.  You can mix and match any 3 bags in any basket.  The gift basket will be a decorative basket with the coffee placed into a seasonal gift bag and shipped anywhere, or delivered locally.  

When you buy a gift basket, you will also receive a coupon for $2.00 off your next order either in person, or from the website.  Quantity discounts will be available for 5 or more baskets.   

Does anyone know where I can find a coffee bean costume for Halloween?  

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