Bon Mau Vietnam Coffee, and Airscape Canister

     If you have been watching us on Facebook, you noticed additions to our line of Fresh Roasted Coffee, and a new Coffee Accessory.  The first thing you have know about JSA Coffee is that we will not sell anything we haven't tried ourselves.  If we don't believe it meets our standard of quality (Our 14 day rule) we won't sell it.  
   The Airscape Canister meets our standard of quality.  We use one at home, and on the road at farm markets and craft shows.  Using it is very easy.  First, remove the top lid and notice the soft rubber seal on it.  Second, life the handle on the plunger, and put it out.  You should hear the air being let in as you remove the plunger.   The Airscape Canister is made of 18/8 stainless steel. (the same kind of stainless steel used in restaurant equipment)  The paint is enamel, and the bottom has a rubber grip to prevent it from sliding around.  
     Pour your whole bean or ground JSA Coffee into the canister, stopping about an inch or so short of the top.  Using the handle, press the plunger into the canister until it stops moving.  Flip the handle down, and put the top cover on.  That's it!  Your coffee is now out of the light, and out of the air, keeping it fresher, longer.   
     We have a new coffee in stock!  We are proud to welcome Bon Mua Coffee from Vietnam.  We almost kept this coffee for our personal stock. It is that good.  We tried it at a light roast first, and it was an instant hit.  The best way to describe is kind of like a Colombia coffee, but with the smoothness of a Guatemala HHT.  The coffee has hints of a woody taste (think saw mill) that is unique to this coffee.  
     Next we took it to a medium roast.  (I am drinking a cup as I write this)  At this level of roast, Bon Mua coffee is still very smooth, similar taste to a Colombia.  This coffee has become my new favorite coffee.  Once you have it, you will agree that this is an amazing coffee experience.  
     This is THE coffee to drink when you want to treat yourself.  Saturday morning, sitting in your living room, curled up on the couch.  You are warm and relaxed after a hard week at work.  You have the aroma of Bon Mua Vietnam Coffee in the air.  You are reading the news and catching up on what's new at JSA Coffee (selfless plug) and a mug right next to you on the table.  You take a sip of coffee, and, for a moment, everything in the world is right.  You are relaxed, warm, and enjoying this amazing coffee.  
     This is a very limited stock coffee.  We are the only coffee roaster in our area to carry this coffee.  When it's gone, it might take some time to get a new shipment in

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